Hello 2019

I would like to hug my laptop and my old little blog. I lost my blog for a moment (okay 2 months). I was just going to let it go and start a new one but realised…I wouldn’t leave a personal journal at the bus stop and not try and retrieve it so I did and here we are~ What’s up 2019! 2018 was not … Continue reading Hello 2019

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Highlander Cookies

Cookies or biscuits? What do you call them? I usually call baked sweets like these cookies, and call crackers and the like biscuits. But then there’s also some stuff I’ve read where they referred to scones as biscuits. Hmm… I’m usually not concerned about these labels, I’ll eat them whatever they’re called, but I wonder if it’s bothered anyone. It reminds me of when I … Continue reading Highlander Cookies

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Tokwa’t Baboy

Kumusta mga kaibigan! (Hello friends!) Tokwa = Tofu, Baboy = Pork. There’s so many tofu dishes in Asian cuisine. But there’s so little in Filipino cuisine. Even though our culture was so influenced by Chinese (who have a lot of tofu love in their dishes) we don’t have much tofu in our islands. Saaaaad. But hey hey..all is not lost. I didn’t say there were no … Continue reading Tokwa’t Baboy

Onion, Leek and Egg Tart

Soooo the bloggity blog is well and truly alive again because I find myself thinking of easy recipes to try and blog about. Keep in mind that this whole blog and its processes is always a work in progress (like my life really). I’ve recently signed up for an instagram food photo challenge hosted by The Little Plantation. It’s not intense or anything – I … Continue reading Onion, Leek and Egg Tart

Fudgy Avocado Brookies

I’m an avocado person. Does this mean I’ll never afford to buy a house? Hmmm…I thought about this- I’m getting to the age when my friends are doing all the intense grownup things like getting married, buying a house, having babies or moving overseas. I’m happy for them and I don’t feel like I’m behind or anything it’s just I don’t really know where my … Continue reading Fudgy Avocado Brookies

Meringue Ghosts (and other ghosts)

Aha! I had to make something Halloween related guys. This is actually the first time I made meringue. I know…weird. For someone who made a lot of sweets before, I barely scraped the vast bowl of sweetness in the world. I can’t say I made the best meringues ever but they weren’t so bad. Maybe not aesthetically what I aimed for but hey we got … Continue reading Meringue Ghosts (and other ghosts)

Chocolate Protein Pancakes for One (and self-care)

Pancakes have always been part of my weekend ritual. I’ve made buttermilk pancakes, flourless pancakes, eggless pancakes, pancakes topped with candied bacon, cooked apples, blueberry sauce…the list goes on. Since protein powder became my friend, it was paramount that I incorporate this in one of my favourite things in life. This recipe is for one because I first got into making these protein pancakes when … Continue reading Chocolate Protein Pancakes for One (and self-care)

Chilling at Oyster and Wine Festival 2018

September has been a great but rough month. I happily turned 28 – I’m the youngest I’ll ever be now, right? But I also had my first injury from Hapkido – one leg sweep (seemed as normal as many I’ve had) and my knee was kaput. That was the day after my birthday – first time I had ever been to the hospital for myself. … Continue reading Chilling at Oyster and Wine Festival 2018

Cookie Dough Protein balls (Finding Strength and Protein powder?)

I remember when I was deep into my baking phase I literally baked everyday and my diet consisted of tons of sugar. After all, I liked eating what I baked. I didn’t think much about health back then. I can’t say I’m such a health nut now but I’m a lot more sensible. But hey if you eat cake all day everyday, more power to … Continue reading Cookie Dough Protein balls (Finding Strength and Protein powder?)