You get what you deserve.

My family and I live in a rented flat. They provide us with the service and we pay our rent. It’s as simple as that.
Yesterday, my mom received a letter stating that the manager is increasing our rent on the 30th of this month. I don’t know a lot about property renting and what the law is but an unexpected increase when we’re on a fixed term contract sounded unreasonable. Plus, their notice was only 5 days before they planned to enforce the pay increase. That’s a little rude. (their emails were not so accommodating either)7
Now I sound like I’m just rambling to fill this space but the important bit is my mom’s reaction to the event.
My mom will not take this thing lying down and say oh well gotta cut back on our groceries or looks like the credit card will be wheezing from now on. No. She’s the resilient type who researches on the law and the tribunal and all that and will kick the manager and the company’s asses with emails and calls…for a start. But.
But she had a passing comment that took me.
“Why do we end up doing business with people like this? We’re good people, we don’t deserve this.”
You get what you deserve. Do you, really?
While it is the case with hard work and good grades I don’t think it applies to the world in general.
Maybe this is one of those cognition thingies.
I’ll have to post a a sequel to this one, maybe more on the cogntion bit.


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