Social Comparison and the feeling of relative poverty

Today I posted an outfit of mine on

the lookbook effect
maybe if I had some Miu Mius...

Now, I don’t think I’m a super fashionista (I am definitely not in the same spectrum as some fashion bloggers) but I definitely don’t think that my looks don’t suck. Style is subjective, isn’t it? I mean I guess that’s what a girl like me who gets 2 hypes after one day would probably tell herself (just to shield her ego and self-esteem while skinny people wearing almost nothing get a gazillion of hypes per minute)

I learned that in developmental psych (or educational psych or whatever) that at the age when a child learns to describe himself/herself in relation to others is a sign of their self-concept’s growth. At 4-6 yrs old we’re kinda big headed about these social comparisons but as we age, especially nearing adolescence our social comparisons become realistic (realistic, yeah right, depends on society and a bunch of other factors. I’d say it gets distorted but that’s for another post).

Anyways right about this age of “realistic social comparison” we are exposed to society even more. For me, it was beautiful people wearing designer clothes in towering heels looking like their lunch was half a peanut. The IT girl has the IT clothes. You’ll never be anything unless you buy these clutches that could cost a little less than your soul. With so many beautiful THINGS in the world, I felt a little deprived. Deprived despite spending tons of money I could’ve used to buy books. Deprived despite having a closet gagging with clothes. Do I sound developed in that social comparison scheme? I guess not. For some people it may not be clothes but there is a little something for everyone. It’s why the freaking rich keep pounding themselves with work despite being able to comfortably live within their means. Our self concepts have been defined by what we have. We look up to the rich and famous when our ancestors used to look up to the wise. What is this?

I guess this may be a jump, but it sorta started with us defining ourselves as having two dolls while classmate X had three.

Next time, maybe I’ll just be happy with the clothes on ย my back and the warmth it provided me and be a little less concerned by the amount of hypes I’ve been getting. Thrifted treasures are just as good as designer duds.

See ya.


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