Spring has sprung but my mind is in ice

Yes. That’s all really. My mental capacities have been so stagnant that I have not done anything productive.

Except maybe the Antarctica essay I just passed today. That essay consisted of jibber-jabber about climate change and ocean acidification and whatnots. I seriously cannot believe how I am in my third year in uni and about to graduate and yet still write half-hearted essays and get away with it. I wish I can tie this post with something about psychology but there are no terms that come to my head. But anything that happens in life can be tied in to psychology anyways.

So let’s just spring back to spring.

No, let’s forget about springing back to spring because I have nothing to say about spring that is interesting at the moment. All I can think of is great weather and everything coming into bloom. And floral dresses and shopping those dresses that I cannot afford.

This post sucks I’m sorry.

This is exhibit A of a stagnant mind that have wintered. (Luckily, for species that get “wintered” their vital organs survive the cold enough that as soon as they thaw their normal functioning resumes..a little tidbit for you there brought to you by my biosci paper on Antarctica which is so amazingly irrelevant to psych right now I feel like kicking myself for taking it , but then I think about the penguins….) So yeah I hope my brain thaws out already.


See ya!



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