Growing up but still a child of sweets

Yesterday I turned 21. It’s kind of a big deal.

It’s like a milestone, now I’m of legal age in all countries.Most 21st birthday parties involve some kind of drinking and whatever and that’s cool if you’re into that sort of thing. I mean, I guess that’s what I got from reality shows about those things (don’t worry I don’t watch those things anymore). Anyway, I’m too much of a kid to ask for that kind of party.

My mom asked what kind of party I wanted

I answered,”tea party”

“high tea?” (like those posh, formal English occasions)

“magical tea party” (but really I would like to experience High Tea as well but not as much as I wanted what is normally a children’s themed tea party.)

magical tea party!

and that’s what I got. I guess I’m pretty gullible for not seeing the party coming but they surprised me. I wasn’t really expecting to actually have this kind of party but I totally loved it:)

It wasn’t just a tea party, we did everything the children did in that fairy cottage. We had a treasure hunt (which took 10 times faster because a second an instruction was made one of my friends would instantly find what we’re looking for.), wishing ceremony (at a wishing well, blowing confetti around), biscuit decorating and whatnots. We even had a fairy around. I think she was quite pleased with my friends and I because we didn’t give up on the fairy theme and was quite on for the ride. Which is how it should be if you want to enjoy that kind of experience.:)

Let your inner child run free, right?

Anyways on to the sweet stuff

It was a sweets feast (but of course, there were some mini quiches, mini pizzas and some asparagus sandwiches that kept the balance) all in all it was a sugar rush and it made everyone felt even more like children in kindergarten.

Last but not the least my birthday cake. A beautiful white chocolate pound cake decorated so girlishly it will make your eyes turn pink.

white chocolate and lots of love

Really it was all so wonderful that the only drawback was that I did not make them (which is a kinda okay if you think about the amount of time I would’ve put in the kitchen using up electricity to make all these wonderful goodies).

I am so filled with happiness, gratitude and scandalous amounts of sugar.

One of the best days of my life 🙂 and I did not even sip a bit of alcohol haha


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