Dessert eating competition-Id vs Superego

In uni there is a Dessert Club (which I signed up for but have only been in one event because bar events are not my usual thing and they hold lots of those) and they have a dessert eating competition coming up. A chance to stuff my face with sweets (which I do on almost a daily basis anyway). If everything was just pure and simple my straight answer would be yes!

But in my head there always has to be a sensible side of me. Kind of like the Ego (Mr. referee) trying to resolve the conflict between the pleasure seeking Id (food! food! I love foooooood!!!) and the Superego who’s all high and mighty (you should start forming good habits starting from eating healthy and avoiding lots of sweets, the event will only reinforce your addiction to sweets).

Man oh man. I could list the pros and cons of joining it but it’s going to be biased. Not just by my personality but also the fact that I’m kind of hungry right now (at this moment, I’m thinking of eating a nice moist chocolate cake *shakes thoughts away*). It’s near dinnertime as I type so it’s not too bad (defense).

Maybe if I ask my friends to join me it wouldn’t be so bad.

Ha! Eating is such a social thing already and it only fuels my appetite.

I’m not a essentially competitive person, maybe I won’t eat as much?

A chance to eat lots, it’s always a competition.

Sweets, sweets and sweets!

I declare a draw, for now. I won’t RSVP yet but I’m not exactly going to forget about it. This is not difficult. It just myself making things complicated. We’ll see what happens.


here’s a random photo of some desserts I had before in a buffet place

who says you can't play with your food?
you can just pile it on

sometimes I just can’t help myself


See ya:)


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