A Random Lemon Pound Cake


I bake at random. I rarely plan when I will bake, it just happens.

I browse through recipes on the internet and when something catches my eye or appetite, I do it. Well, not just like that actually, I have to check if I have ingredients in the pantry (I usually have the basics like flour, sugar etc…) if I don’t then I’ll go and google substitutes (I am a Google-learned baker in the simplest manner).

I have a sort of semi-systematic approach to baking. I follow the steps (depending on my mood) sometimes I’m quite obsessive about it like I read the step then I move and pause to go back again or I’ll just read through it and hope my working memory holds it together. I don’t think about it too much and just do it, kinda like play ,I learn while in the process (which gets me in trouble because sometimes I realize I cannot substitute some things haha ).

I’m really just playing around but this time it turns into something edible and I’m mostly lucky (haven’t started any kitchen fires, and walls splattered with batter is a common occurrence, right?). My hands and arms ache sometimes (hand mixer, wishing for a stand mixer, mom are you reading this?)

So that day, like most weekends I haven’t done anything constructive. And while sitting on the couch wasting time and internet space I saw the lemons. A bagful untouched. What to do? Google. Lemons. Lemon Cake? Mmmm. Wait, my sis hates citrus flavored cakes. Whatevs (Yes, I do think in segments).

about 2 hours later…


They turned out almost perfect (there’s really nothing wrong but I’m not the type of baker who gets anything perfect yet). It’s delicious! Moist. The lemon not so overpowering but not masked either. And the aroma is lemony heaven:)

I love the feeling when I turned the pan over and the cake smoothly fell to the rack. I love the warmth telling me to let it cool first. But I kinda knew it was going to be good from the moment I poured the batter before I baked it in the oven. You just know, you know?

And let me tempt you some more…


And of course the best part of baking something, eating!



if you would like to make your own lemon pound cake the recipe is here. I got the recipe from Martha Stewart but because I am poor and bad at planning I had to make some adjustments which I may or may not share with you yet just because I have to test the things I did again.

Anyways, enjoy!:)

See ya.


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