Chocolate and Almond Brigadeiros

Brigadeiros are Brazilian truffles and are  so pretty and easy to make.

You just need a little patience in the first part of making it but it’ll be smooth sailing from there. They’re mainly condensed milk so they’re full of sweet sweet sweeeeeeeet goodness.

I got the recipe for brigadeiros from one of my fave food blogs, Dulce Delight. It’s such a beautiful blog and Raiza makes quirky, detailed awesome videos for making the recipe.

Anyways here are my attempts:)




The first one is the chocolate one which I rolled over chocolate sprinkles. The second one, not really a traditional looking one but it’s chocolate as well which I rolled in chopped nuts (my mom loves nuts haha, I’m a little nuts too). The last one is the almond brigadeiro rolled in ground almonds. Mmmmmmm….


The only negative thing I can say about brigadeiros is that they disappear too quickly. As I was taking pictures my dad was already ready to grab them.



I took tons of photos just because I was so excited that the sun was brightly seeping through our windows. I actually made them last night but the lighting was so bad I had to wait til morning haha.

Here’s how to make them

Chocolate/almond brigadeiros

1/2 can or 198 g sweetened condensed milk (could gulp it all down but let’s be patient and DON’T use low fat because the brigadeiros won’t retain their shape)

1/2 tbsp. unsalted butter

1/3 cup chocolate chips or 2 tbsp. ground peeled almonds

coatings: 1/4 cup ground chocolate or chocolate sprinkles or chopped nuts (go crazy)

or 1/4 cup ground almond

1. Combine sweetened condensed milk, butter and either chocolate chips or ground almonds in a saucepan. Heat this over low-medium heat. Stir constantly until mixture doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. (This is the patience part, you can adjust the heat if it takes too long but not too high that the mixture is heated up too quickly)

2. Transfer this to a plate and let it cool for 1 and 1/2 hours.

3. Coat palms with butter

4. Take 1/2 teaspoon of the cooled mixture and roll it into a ball then roll onto toppings. Place them on mini cupcake liners.


Have fun making and eating them!


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