My Family and A Winery- Villa Maria Estate

On the 30th of October my dad turned *bleep* (I’ll let him and my mom enjoy whatever age you’ll come up with).

Anyways to celebrate his birthday we went to a beautiful vineyard unsuspectingly tucked in the middle of Auckland near the airport . After a few twists and turns (my dad swerving the car around like we were in Fast and Furious, mom blaming the iPhone on the wrong turns and me wondering why we didn’t just bring the GPS…) we found ourselves in entering a vast greenery and in my head “We’re having lunch here?” the mental oohs and aahs have started. 

We were seated outdoors and waited for our food as we basked in the sun and rolled on the grass (nah, we’re Asians, naturally we were seated under a nice umbrella trying to feel a bit lukewarm as it was hot in the sun but cold in the shade, typical.)

the parents - birthday boy and smoochy momma

On to the food! 

They called this the Winemaker’s Platter. It had cured meats (can’t specify, just knew they were good), salmon, antipasto, olives, sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, Turkish bread, crostini and best of all Puhoi cheeses.

And you had to have some wine with it too (being in a winery and all)  I don’t know much about wine (I can pass out after just two glasses) but this was fruity and  went really well with …Pan seared salmon! I’m not so much a salmon person but this was delightful. The salmon in vine tomato and basil water was cooked very well, the pea risotto was just right kind of creamy and the poached asparagus had a bit of crisp. Yay! The eye fillet of beef on creamed potato with salted prosciutto, broad bean and parmesan salad. Sounds, looks and tastes great. Chicken,mixed leaf salad and parmesan (and that green streak of which I have no idea but tastes great according to mom)…I have no photo for what my dad ate but it was Crispy Organic chicken breast  (not having a photo is proof of how fast it got attacked).

Last but not the least, dessert…Berry- Ripple Cheesecake. Oh the soft, soft cream. Dessert was the mild kind of sweet that flirts with your taste buds. Flirty enough, berry.

Overall, lunch was fantastic. The view was lush, the food (and wine) was great and the service was efficient (though they had some hiccups with our bill) and friendly .

My sis made a friend, Vavavoom.

That’s all folks, my dad happily turned a few centuries old and we had an amazing time at Villa Maria Estate.

See ya!

Two glasses, too many


  1. […] Aw look at mom’s smile. And here are my youthful-looking parents After our lunch, we went to the observatory, to look at the beautiful without the room moving. More photo ops! Cool screens with 3D views of the city. But then why do you want the screen when you can have the actual thing out the window? Yay we’re floating…not. They also had a glass panel at the elevator. It was so mesmerizing watching that panel while the elevator was rising, I was already imagining an action movie scene where the protagonist zips through the cables to get to the next floor. Anyways after fully immersing ourselves with the beautiful views of the city, we drove over to Mission Bay to have some dessert. Nom nom…Making your own is funnnn. Yogurrrrrt!!! With lots and lots and lots of other stuff. I wanna say this is healthy, sure the yogurt was 98% fat free but the brownie bits and candies I was piling definitely weren’t so..uh.. whatever, it was great. I want to go there again! These make your own yogurt places are still a bit new around here, hope they pop somewhere near my house hehe. So that was my dad’s XXXth birthday! Enjoying beautiful views, eating good food and cracking up with family jokes. Oh you know the usual. Check out where we went for dad’s birthday last year […]

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