Picnics and Friends

I love beautiful, simple days. I love it more when it is enjoyed with great friends in pretty places.

One sunny friday afternoon at Auckland Domain, I met with two of my awesome friends and we ran, snapped photos and laughed like grade school kids.


Picnic Food!!!






Agh…There was so much deliciousness laid on the picnic mat. The chocolate and almond cake was my friend’s birthday (someone baked it especially for her, darn wish it was me ’cause this cake just makes you smile). The donuts were from Dunkin Donuts, adorable. The winners here are the fruits. Just look at those gorgeous strawberries, beautifully coloured and almost perfect in shape that I seriously felt a little bad eating them. And oh my gosh those mangoes, those juicy juicy golden beauties! Philippine mangoes are quite hard to find here in NZ and they’re quite expensive but boy when you get your hands on these…I felt like a child hungrily eating the mangoes with my palms all sticky .

I would like to give special thanks to Darls for these rare gems of a fruit. It seems like too much exaggeration for love of a fruit but seriously there’s nothing like fruits from home (no offense Aussie mangoes..hehe).

Oooh and we wandered around the Wintergardens in Auckland Domain. Picture a beautiful courtyard with hanging plants and interesting statues and greenhouses filled with colourful plants on each side. Walking around there is just instant happiness. There’s so much beauty in the world! Mushy feelings aside,Darl’s camera captured the beauty (you can almost see the pixies dancing and prancing)…some of the photos are taken by her, some by me (yea I got to play with her camera, makes me want to get a DSLR soooo bad haha).








I guess that’ll be it for now. Hopefully I post more if I overcome my incredible need to be lazy. Aw, and check out ย my awesome friends Darls and Pin ๐Ÿ™‚


See ya!



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