Short and Sweet: Ice cream and toppings

So I thought posting more often should be a thing for me now since I’m on vacation and everything so here’s a new blog “feature” I guess. Short and Sweet tadah! It’s my solution for my short attention span haha.

For this one it’s ice cream and toppings! Ice cream is truly wonderful by itself but sometimes you just have to pile it on in. Like piling accessories on a classic dress. 

Vanilla ice cream is a classic. I love vanilla ice cream but I’m a little nuts so poof!

Chocolate sprinkles and chopped peanuts on top of vanilla ice cream. Yumyumyum. Love summer but nobody says you can’t freeze your tastebuds in winter too. Haha

Sprinkles, cookies, M&Ms,fudge sauce, caramel sauce, strawberry sauce, nuts, dried fruits. Any of them or every one of them. Pile on your toppings and indulge!

See ya!



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