Short and Sweet: Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts! Definitely not the healthiest thing on this blog right now. I just thought about sharing this because it’s the first time I’ve tried it. It’s like seeing a celebrity on the shelf mostly because I’ve known this for a long time (because of all the American shows I’ve been watching since I was a kid) but never had access to them. I never went on a quest to look for them anyways (back in the Philippines).

Fast forward to now. Where did I find this? The grocery ? A specialty sweets shop? Nope.

I found it at Civic Video while paying for my DVD and Blu-ray rentals, random. So I just glanced at my sister with a “now’s our chance” look .

So popped the Pop Tart (Hot Fudge Sundae) in the  microwave and waited for the sparks to fly. Tasted it and I was like…meh. Well at least now I know what a Pop Tart’s supposed to be like haha.

The kid inside was a bit disappointed.




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