Family friends and Atico Cocina

Christmas parties. It’s something that we always expect around this time of year (except if you’re a grinch). Every year, since my family and I moved here to NZ we’ve had a group of family friends to share these special occasions (and if you count Manny Pacquiao fights, that too.) Every year since we got here we also always spend the annual christmas party at a local park. This year the “park” party pattern has been broken (thanks to a stormy weather and a GrabOne deal).

So we went to Atico Cocina. A cute bricked establishment in the city (it’s quite new, just opened October this year). 

As the rain pattered outside we were cozily seated inside with several families like we owned the place. Our excited chatter and the clinking of our utensils made that home-away-from-home feel.

So anyways yada-yada after lots of photo ops and what-have-you-been-up-tos we actually sat down to eat. And here’s the food. I didn’t take a photo of everyone’s food because there were five tables and they might not give me my presents if I invaded their plate space for a photo haha.

Yummy South American/Caribbean food.

First up, Jamaican chicken jerk with avocado and mango-honey-mustard glaze..mmmm

Atico tasting platter- it has bits of everything in it. So yum!. A favourite would be the Colombian style empanadas. The arepas with the Manchego and Farmer’s cheese, the ceviche, yuca chips, chorizo. Gah I don’t know so many choices, can’t decide they’re all quite delicious. But I must say, the coconut rice was the pleasant surprise.

My parents got the seafood platter (of course) it’s got the usual bits and bobs you’d find on a seafood platter, prawns, mussels, fish. I think what’s most lovely is the salmon ceviche (which my mom kinda liked even though she doesn’t like salmon).

The next dish is from a family friend’s plate. So I’m not so sure (forgot to ask, fail food blogger) but it I think it’s the char-grilled pork chops with sweet potato with passionfruit jalapeno barbeque sauce. Just typing it makes my mouth water.

Of course we also got some bubbly. Well, my mom did. I sort of helped her because she almost finished this one bottle. Not a  wine expert but it’s a nice tasting sav.

So anyways the after party of the meal. The desserts. Life is not complete without it. And because they were amazing they deserve two photos each. haha.

My sister’s dessert, Dulce de Leche. It’s a caramel flavoured fruit pie with some Colombian coffee cream. She really, really enjoyed it. The fruits come together happily with that nice hit of coffee cream and the pastry was nice too. It’s not just a sweet number.

And my dessert, Cafe y Chocolate, Atico’s signature dish. It’s a bread pudding of semisweet chocolate and Colombian coffee.  Soooooo yummmy. It’s also quite big so you’d kinda want to share, but not really. This is just so spot on for my sweet tooth, I can’t help myself.

Then black coffee just to keep it real.

So that’s our little gathering at Atico Cocina. Good food and happiness.

See ya!


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