Chocolate Boutique

Chocolate is the answer, no matter what the question (said the small blackboard at Chocolate Boutique).

True. Well mostly. Eat chocolate when you’re happy, sad, hungry, not hungry, hot, cold…I mean I do (except when sick, that’s just not the way to go and you won’t enjoy the chocolate). I love chocolate. From a simple, rich bar to one filled with different cremes, topped with nuts or just sprinkled over frosting. (I love almost everything chocolate except when it has coconut filling or mint- it’s like brushing your teeth and having chocolate ).

So I really had to check the chocolatier Chocolate Boutique (it’s quite famous too). It’s a cute little shop at Parnell village here in Auckland and it’s just filled with the sweetest goodies, funny extras and  a cafe to help you get that chocolate high.

It kinda reminded me of my best friend back in high school who loved chocolate but was also seriously allergic to it- just a few scoops of chocolate ice cream already made her itch. I kinda wondered how she’d react if I brought her here (a little impossible given our geographical locations at the moment), funny thought.

There’s chocolates and candies covering every wall. People piling inside in waves. A couple dating in the next table (yes I was eavesdropping–it’s a really small place, haha. The conversation was boring though.) The stuff on the shelves are more interesting and not just the sweets. Check out Santa’s summer getup or christmas in NZ.

Mini treasures hiding, tempting. Mmmmm….

Of course we had to try something from their cafe too and here’s what we got.

Cookies and cream smoothie- it’s like the cookies were awesomely baked before being crushed and added.

White chocolate frapp

Death by chocolate- yep the name says it all. Ice cream, fudge, whipped cream, chocolate fish. Wam, bam! You’re dead.

Aaaand….dun dun…bubbles? Chocolate curls?Cream?

Italian denso. OH MY GOSH this is so rich and so wonderful, it’s the king of hot chocolates. I just love this. I love this so much I want to propose to it and have a grand wedding with it. It’s so so intense that I can probably only consume just one.

Also brought home some awesome takeaways. Well one was a gift (so cute isn’t it? You gotta share the love).

PS. They also have a sugar-free/diabetic corner. Got some sugar free gummy cherries for dad (which my sister finished …)

Oh well that’s it for now. Spread the love.

See ya:)

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