The [Un]Summer Roadtrip

When someone says SUMMER roooooaaaadtripppp! What do you think? Do you think of the sun and the great blue sky and the beautiful scenery whizzing past you as your seatbelt strap you on a motor vehicle running 100 miles per hour? Do you think of the summer breeze, the scorching heat and the almost unending greenery while you make your way to the next boutique of a town a million miles away? I do! Oh my gosh summer you big tease, you.

Last week my family and I piled into our Honda CRV with the primary goal of having a nice summer roadtrip to get to the very north of New Zealand. Away from the city and away from people we want to strangle. Okay, so off we went! The summer went temperamental (like how it’s been lately), fog was rolling down and little showers where playing on our windshield. What is this!? Oh but the weather had a bit of humor and let up the sunshine.

Whangarei Falls…so beautiful and the water was so refreshingly cold. See my parents? They’re way up there at the top left corner. They stayed there because dad has a bad knee.

And after hiking back up there I wanted to dive into the falls. Instead we sat down and had some snacks. Pretty simple. Asparagus and feta rolls, egg sandwiches, pesto pastries and buffalo nibbles (which for a long time we thought was chicken until we looked at the pack before we cooked it for the trip, hehe) .

Later I went cuckoo on cuckoo clocks at Clapham’s Clock Museum.

Stopped by Cable Bay to admire the ocean and stretch our legs before my sister gets carsick again.

Went to Makana Chocolate Factory (post on them soon!)

And to Cape Reinga to see the very very end of New Zealand. Yeah there’s a lighthouse there too which is computer monitored by people in Wellington.

The North end of NZ…the small waves in the middle of the ocean is the waters of the Tasman sea colliding with Pacific breathtaking!

Time for ice cream!

Hokey pokey, cookie dough, vanilla, chocolate chip mint…soooo good!

Oh well that’s it for now.

See ya!



  1. you are not just a great writer….
    the photographs are great too!
    i just don’t know the chef for your snacks
    if she’s as excellent as you…!
    Cheers! Make us all want to go on the same route…

  2. Marnelli, this is awesome. Happy New Year. Just went back to blogging. Took a break from it during the holidays. Love the scenery and the food and I am sure you had such awesome company. 🙂

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