Makana Chocolate Factory

As my family and I sat inside the car in the parking lot at 8:40 am I thought “Why are we here so early? I want to go back to sleep” and “this building is quite small to be called a factory”. First, yes we were absolutely eager beavers going there 20 minutes before opening but whatever it’s for chocolates and chocolates for breakfast is the kind of indication that you are truly on vacation. Second, when my mom told me we’d be visiting a chocolate factory I kinda thought OMG Willy Wonka!

So at 9:02 (the opening was at 9 but we didn’t want to seem too eager despite our car being the only one in the parking area so early in the morning) we hauled ourselves towards the entrance.ย 

And so I found out why it was a small chocolate factory …HANDMADE CHOCOLATES..mmmm….We had a few tasters. It took a lot of self-control not to grab the tray from the lady.ย 

It was fun watching the people make the chocolate. I saw someone load a massive bowl-like contraption with mountains of butter and that’s no exaggeration. The best to look at was the laying out of the toffee, TOOOOOOFFFFFEEEE…

But umm…they looked a bit pissed while I took one photo. Days later while relating this to a family friend I was told you weren’t allowed to take pictures…but I swear there wasn’t any sign saying that…or did I?

Makana” means special gifts in Hawaiian. Cool, huh? And so we had to bring some gifts home.ย 

Macadamia and Toffee. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of temptation.

Milk chocolate. Dark chocolate. White chocolate. Then macadamias. Now smile.

The next one’s pretty special. Chocolate truffles with one of NZ’s iconic wines, Marlborough Pinot Noir. Oh you know there’ll be a chic soiree in your mouth.

Something sugar-free. But the taste doesn’t hold back. Just awesome. This is supposed to be for dad only I think that’s a bit unfair, hehe. You know I already sneaked one away.

So that’s it for now. Are you envious? Hahaha. Well you don’t have to hop to a roadtrip to get these sweets. There’s some online y’know.

See ya!:)


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