Short and Sweet: Banana Split Lollipop

Hey there!

It’s been a sort of long time since I’ve posted a Short and Sweet so here I go. Candy time!

Sometimes I’m not really sure why I like candy, maybe it’s my adult self making up for the lost time because mom didn’t like giving me sweets when I was little (as a result I had too strong teeth that didn’t want to come out when my permanent teeth were already sprouting = butterfly teeth = braces, haha)

Technically this isn’t short (but my post is) because this lollipop’s pretty long. I also had some trouble with how I was going to consume it. The only reason I bought it was because it was pretty- yes I have a mind of a child. But look at it, isn’t it cute? With that swirly, stripey thing going on.

So anyway I went on with the challenge. I unwrapped it as I watched The Blair Witch Project, which is apparently the inspiration for Paranormal Activity. Sweets + scary movie, interesting? 

Blair Witch Project was nice (but Paranormal Activity was better specially the sequel). The movie was finished and I wasn’t even halfway through the lollipop. It was like eating a bag of lollies on a barbeque stick. Even after we’ve watched the special features I still didn’t finish it. After a little over 2 hours I finished. It’s a weird accomplishment, if I could call it that. And it didn’t even taste like real banana spllt.

Next time, I’m sharing.


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