Went Japanese at Katsura

Konnichiwa minna san!

Honestly I stared at the screen for nearly a minute and that’s the only Japanese phrase I can come up with. So sad, I had a semester of Japanese before but that was a long time ago. I need to watch lots of anime again. Seriously if I try to think of something in Japanese in my head there’s a Spanish translation instead. I think the two languages just got jumbled in my head under a folder in my brain named “foreign languages”. 

Anyways Japanese lessons aside, my family and I went to Katsura Restaurant at the Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland CBD. I’ve always enjoyed Japanese food so it was a nice treat. Aw and sorry about the sub-par photos, the restaurant lightning seemed like it was a 5 year old’s nightlight (yes, yes ambience).

The first photo is the setup they have that greets people before they enter the restaurant, cute, yes? Another cool setup they have is that a part of the restaurant overlooks a stone garden. Someday I want to have a garden like that, no mowing and no maintenance.

On to the food! Itadakimasu!

Mussel rolled in bacon and chicken. Cute and when I took a bite…hmm weird but kinda pleasant. I don’t know what to think of it actually. Haha. I really like the presentation, c’mon look at that pretty little basket. 

Seafood Entree. Salad, mussel, prawn.Super duper visually appealing once again.

California Roll. Ah yes let the good times roll. Haha. Frankly there’s nothing quite spectacular about the sushi but the freshness, yes so beautifully fresh, you can kiss the ingredients.

Salmon Sushi. Good ol’ salmon. I rarely taste wasabi but apparently the wasabi that’s been super popular everywhere isn’t even wasabi. It’s some radish-based paste with little or no wasabi. And I wonder, are there any here?

Salmon Teriyaki. I’ve eaten a lot of beef teriyaki but not salmon teriyaki so I ordered this. I still like beef teriyaki but salmon is working its way up my charts. This was beautifully cooked but I guess I still like my salmon a little plainer. Hehe.

Grilled fish with Japanese herbs with vegetables. This was someone else’s plate so didn’t get to taste but I love the plate haha. What a bad foodie comment, eek.

Nigiri Sushi.  So nicely done and the taste is fresh.

Tofu Teriyaki. The tofu dishes were the highlight of the evening. It’s wonderfully unexpected in taste. Yes it’s tofu in texture, smooth, sliding gently but after that it’s something else. Hey mom can you make this?

Simmered Tofu. Tofu is like a tabula rasa and I love how food like this paint the tastebuds with a palette I’m not familiar with. Happy days.

Grilled beef rolled in vegetables with sweet soy. I like this one too, must be the sweet soy. Beef is always welcome.

And then dessert, yay! Green tea ice cream and then a bit of jelly on the side. I usually like dessert full on but this is refreshing.

So there we are, a little bit of Japanese cuisine. Now, my stomach is rumbling for some sushi.



6 thoughts on “Went Japanese at Katsura

  1. My son and I love Japanese food. Sushi and salmon teriyaki are our favorites. Not so much of the green tea ice cream though 🙂

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