Oh, Salmon [an appreciation post]

Grilled salmon, salad greens and a mini quiche. So this is a healthier post it’s also called the salmon appreciation post. I’m just really loving salmon lately. It so pretty in pink, succulent with a lovely texture. Just a little seasoning and it’s good to go.

Did you know that in Celtic mythology and poetry salmons are associated with wisdom. Wow interesting, too bad my post is nothing like that. Haha. Last night I was listening to my Ipod and just started thinking about salmon (yes, food is the main component of my thoughts) and now I’m sharing the most random of things so this post is about to get weirder, hold on.

La-la-la this is an ode to salmon
I don’t know how it goes
But here it goes
Pinkish beauty
From wherever they came to be
They were caught for me
Always awesome in sushi
With Kikkoman as sashimi
Yummy, yummy
I didn’t eat salmon before
Before it was just a colour
Now I eat it with salad on the side
Grilled but still pink on the outside
Happy, happy inside
La-la-la this is an ode to salmon
I don’t know how it goes
But it’s here and it goes

Haha. If you didn’t think I was weird before you probably do now. I had salmon for dinner , so yea (something in the salmon? gasp!). I was listening to The Killers, Foo Fighters and a Filipino band, Eraserheads (don’t know if that helps, haha). Told you this was a salmon appreciation post. ๐Ÿ™‚

How do you like your salmon prepared?

See ya!

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