Little and Friday…yay!

Hey there! Oh how I missed the interwebs! My family and I moved to a new place and we just had our phone and internet connected today. I thought I was going to be a little nuts not having the internet for almost a week but I just missed it a little. I was too occupied lifting boxes (all the lifting made up for all those months I skipped exercising…sort of) around and finding where stuff are.

Anyways today’s post is about Little and Friday. My friend, Pin, have been hyping this place for sometime and we decided to finally have lunch over at the Newmarket branch. 

I absolutely love the shabby chic thing they’ve got going on. There’s mismatched chairs, two large communal tables, fishbowls and they’re situated inside a fabric warehouse. The details are cute. I didn’t ask so I’m just going to hypothesize why it’s called Little and Friday, maybe because it’s a lovely place with cute little details that make you feel like it’s always a friday. Yay!

Instead of giving out numbers they give you animal figures when you order. They also have a sweet touch with the water, placed inside milk bottles filled with mint leaves and cinnamon sticks. The angel’s in the details here. 

I’m fan-girling over this place and I haven’t mentioned the food yet! Whew. Lovely, I’m telling you.

For the savoury bit I went for their roast vege quiche. Look at those tomatoes, seriously. Beneath it there were sliced courgettes rolled like scrolls and lots of feta cheese all sitting happily on flaky puff pastry.

For dessert I was a bit crazed with what’s on the counter, so hard to choose. Luckily, there was a lovely lady behind them who talked to me about the pastries like a sweets fairy would. “If you’re looking for something rich and sweet definitely go with the chocolate cake.” She said. Who am I to disobey fairy orders? That’s ganache and raspberry coulis on top of that rich, moist cake. Mmm.

And just for fun I tried their ginger latte. I never had a thing for ginger (except on top of sushi), I still don’t but it was interesting. Strong ginger, strong. 

Pin (who rushed in flustered because of her ultra slow bus) had a citrus tart and mince pie.

If you can’t get enough of Little and Friday they also sell little goodies to bring home. 

So there we have it. A cute little thursday at Little and Friday

See ya!


Psst. I heard Little and Friday has a book coming out! Exciting!


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