Kabuki Teppanyaki at Stamford (flying eggs and fire)

Konnichiwa minna san!

Watashi wa nipponshoku ga daisukidesu! (According to Google translate that’s I love Japanese food. I really need to learn Japanese again so I don’t have to Google translate it but then again I need it even for translating my own language, dead.)

Anyways my family super loves Japanese food. One time we went to a sushi place and ordered a party platter. The waitress seeing that there was only the four of us to consume the sushi told my mom that they could wrap the sushi that won’t be eaten. Lo and behold, 50 pieces of sushi later our plates were swiped clean. It’s also the most effective mood booster for my sister. Before sushi: emo looking sister. After sushi: bouncing up and down like an anime sister.

Okay so this time around my family and I went to Kabuki Teppanyaki in Stamford Plaza  here at Auckland CBD. 

Teppanyaki comes from teppan which means iron plate and  yaki which means grilled, broiled or pan-fried. So we were seated around a large surface grill. And you know what that means? Food preparation entertainment! Yay! 

While we were waiting there were TV screens showing Japanese women dancing/slowly moving in traditional costume (Kabuki is classical Japanese dance-drama so that ties in to that bit of the restaurant’s name ). Then when all of the guests on our corner were seated and our orders taken the cooking begins! Our chef was Louie (or it sounded like his name). It was cool to see the flipping of the salt and pepper shakers and the rhythmic tapping of seasoning. Chop chop, swish swish, ting ting. 

But the best was the fire, oh yeah! (Oops sounded a bit pyromaniac). We wore bibs on our necks for that (felt like a baby when the waitress was putting it on me haha). BTW they didn’t turn the lights off that’s just my camera’s effect.

Another fun thing was the flying egg routine. Chef tosses the flying egg towards us and we’re supposed to catch it with our mouth. My dad was the only one who caught his (one of his tricks since I was little). I don’t have a photo of it though, so just imagine it haha. In another table the chef was asking people to catch a bowl of rice with a bowl in their hands, now that’s intense.

On to food!

I don’t have photos of everything (super sad face) but everything tasted awesome! I had salad, teppanyaki vegetables, miso soup, prawn, salmon and teriyaki chicken. And sometimes stealing from other people’s plates, hehe.

Prawn cutlets were delicious and the sauce on top was amazeballs!

New Zealand King Salmon, yum yum yum. My sister had a bit of trouble eating it with chopsticks but the trick is always separating the flesh following the striations on the meat, like pages of a book.

Oh look it’s a mojito! Nah it’s my mom’s, I’m not big on alcohol and I also found out I’m not into mojito.

And of course, the dessert!…If I could I would’ve doubled on dessert, seriously. That pudding is heaven. That mochi with red bean filling and surrounded with black sesame seeds is the bomb. Together they’re insane!

When you go Japanese there’s always something cute…look at my spoon handle. 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now! This food experience was super duper fun. You should definitely try this one.

Me and sis. Sayonara!




  1. I love places like this. I am lucky enough to have one in my town, hidden between the tons of fast food restaurants.

    The desserts look and sound amazing and the spoon is really cute!

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