I Should Make a Lot of Red Velvet from now on.

My sister and her ukulele and her red velvet cupcake appreciation song

Check out my sister’s Red Velvet Cupcakes Appreciation Song. I should bake a lot of red velvet from now on, don’t you think? haha.

Chick of the Flicks

So I got a ukulele as an early birthday present from my family. I’ve been pining for one forever, but no matter how much I try to convince my friends to buy my crap I never got the money to buy one.

It was this song by Amanda Palmer that made me realise how much I’d been missing out in life without a ukulele. I can’t begin to explain how this little ‘wand of thunder’ brings a ray of sunshine any time of the day. Cheesy, but hey–you gotta appreciate the small things in life.

While my sister was off to do some groundwork on a very special blog post for her (and her friend’s) psychology blog, I finished off a song I started writing after breakfast. I was influenced by my sister’s holistically satisfying red velvet cupcakes, and the Ukulele Gods that probably blessed Amanda Palmer, as…

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