Every week I’m going to post four random schmandom things (not always food-related) just for fun. Why four? Because me and my sister’s birthday falls on the fourth day of our birth months. Because I was super duper cute when I was four. My sister and I are four years apart. There’s four of us in our nuclear family. I could go on forever and this would be like the movie 23, hehe. Aw and F.O.U.R. stands for For Others Under the Rainbow. Just ’cause we’re fun like that.

One (window shutters in a cafe at uni, one of the homey places there. Plus look at the cool ceiling)

Two (it’s supposed to be a self-portrait/cartoon but I made myself extra cuter. It’s a drawing I made for me and my friend’s psych blog Brain Breaking)

Three (happily named chocolate dipping sauce, can you hear the music?)

Four (sticker ad for eating disorders help group at uni)

See ya!




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