Taho and The Dresden Dolls

Hey there!

I’ve found taho in Auckland CBD wooo! So what is taho? It’s soft tofu with arnibal (sugar and syrup) and sago . 

My sister and I went to Neighbours Restaurant at Auckland CBD. And we had taho but it was called tofu jelly with pearls. 

Yumm! Happiness! Back in the Philippines, the magtataho sells this while going around town yelling “taho!”. It’s quite exciting because people would then scramble out of their homes to buy the taho, sometimes bringing out their own cups. And now look…one whole bowl just for me! Not those teeny tiny plastic cups. Haha.

Aw and look at my sister enjoying her bowl of taho. 🙂

Check out my friends’ post about the other foods in Neighbour’s restaurant here.

So onto the next bit of my post. After eating out taho/tofu jelly we went to Central City Library for The Dresden Dolls ninja gig. Yeah you’ve read it right. A ninja gig in a library! The Dresden Dolls is a punk cabaret band made up of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione. We’ve been listening to them for years and it was so awesome to see them play (couldn’t go to their actual gig because you need to be 18, while I’m way above that my sister isn’t and I’m not a loner). Have you ever seen a crowdsurfing on people sitting down in a library? I have. haha.

Plus…We got to see them later on but I was too speechless to talk- I fangirl on the inside. Ugh how lame. But they were so cool! 

Awesome day that day despite the mean weather.

I love the library even more. Haha.

That’s it for now. See ya!



    • Yeah because the restaurant is Taiwanese, I think. Plus taho is sort of cousins with bubble tea and milk tea (in my head haha) and they’re quite popular.

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