Eating Books: Miette, Cake Pops and Chocolate

Hello There!

I have food! But food from the pages of books I’m currently digesting. I would have a proper food post but when you don’t charge your camera it doesn’t stop anyone from eating what you’re supposed to have taken a photo of. And by the time the camera’s charged, all that’s left are dirty dishes, full stomachs and the thought that this is a good excuse for making it again.

First up, Miette by Meg Ray. I’ve never been to San Francisco but I’ve googled enough of this place to be sure that if I could, I’d happily live in that patisserie . It’s so cute and wonderful and the book is like it. Look at those scalloped pages. Even my dad got curious. I haven’t finished reading everything yet but it’s a super motivation to bake up a storm. Everything just looks so simply perfect. But if you check the recipes and everything it’s not crazy hard, just takes a lot of love and care. Aw and miette is French for crumb. When I try one of these recipes there’ll be nothing left, not even miette.

I love the library. I borrowed all these books I wouldn’t be able to buy for myself. I maybe could but it’s a good thing I don’t have a credit card.

Okay next up Cake Pops by Bakerella aka Angie Dudley. I’ve been a fan of her awesome blog for a while (it’s number 1 on my bookmarked baking blogs haha) because it’s just so adorably sweet. And I love her photos. I love everything so much I might burst. But…I’ve never made a cake pop before (gasp!). But of course, with this book I confidently ordered a bag of candy melts (later realising it wasn’t enough) and lollipop sticks. Can’t wait to make cake pops! Soon-ish.

Last one, Simple Essentials Chocolate by Donna Hay. Who doesn’t like chocolates? Lots and lots of basic recipes to try. I literally need a bucket under my mouth when I read this book. Plus, it’s by Donna Hay. I actually just learned about her through her magazines, then TV now her books, yay! And did you know the first two issues of Donna Hay Magazine for Ipad are free? Woop, woop!   

Well so that’s what I’ve been up to. I’m currently reading 6 books, including these cookbooks. I haven’t finished reading any of them (but I’m almost finished with Smokes and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman) but yeah I just really go nuts with all the books in the libraries. Hooray for public libraries!

Okiedokie, See ya!


2 thoughts on “Eating Books: Miette, Cake Pops and Chocolate

  1. Miette is one of my favorite shops in town. They have 2 shops here now (one candy and one sweets) They also i believe are getting ready to open a shop in Berkeley soon. I actually did a posting on Miette not too long ago. Here is a link to the post.

    I really hope that you check them out if you ever come to San Francisco. You wont be disappointed I promise!!

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