Hi there! Another F.O.U.R. post 🙂 A little bit late but here are Four Others Under the Rainbow. (Aww and look it’s my childhood friends Sakura and Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura)

ISA (oooh..counting in Filipino/Tagalog. Like a skylight on a tent.Pretty but problematic in the rain. Taken from Long Bay regional park, North Shore, Auckland)

DALAWA (okay so technically there’s three of them but I’ll count them as one hehe. My old Hello Kitty and Hello Daniel plush toys from Mcdonald’s. So cute! Mcd’s had awesome toys before, I grew up with lots of toys from there. Mom and dad used to eat Happy Meals every night of the week when they were really collecting stuff seriously, like the 101 dalmatians thing haha. We left that collection in the Philippines though.)

TATLO (I’m on a tractor, yeah, and I’m wearing a dress while on it, yeah. Well…it’s one of those stationary ones though. They’re nailed to the ground so kids can play on them in the park. Fun!)

APAT (A tiny Filipino flag. It’s from the Filipino Students’ Association stall at University of Auckland quad. I’m part of the committee and we’ve been recruiting new members this week. It’s quite fun meeting the faces of the eager freshies. Hopefully we cook up awesome events for this year and hopefully we get sponsors. Dang, I really should blog about Filipino sweets now hehe. Gotta learn then woo.)

Hmm.. I guess that’ll be it for now. Hope you had an awesome week!

See ya!

PS. If you feel like sponsoring a growing Filipino club of university students contact pinoyclub.nz@gmail.com. We appreciate it 🙂



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