Cupcake Kebabs

Hello there! (I wish I could start a post differently but oh well). Lookie what I got here. Cupcake Kebabs! I’ve seen them on Cupcakes Take The Cake a loooong time ago. But then I didn’t really have a reason to put cupcakes on a stick, so I guess I just forgot about it. Haha.

A few days ago my friend (who studies nursing so I haven’t seen her in ages…so busy) decided she will extend her lunch break/skip a lecture (gah!) and catchup with friends. To be fair nursing students start their school year wayyyy early in the year and I might only see her after her placements (and she might be a zombie then) so yeah, extended break! Haha.

So I brought these babies!

My version of a cupcake kebab is a bit on the lazy side, I know. But they’re cute! Jumbo marshmallows, vanilla cupcakes and mocha cupcakes. No frosting. I knew better, they wouldn’t be pretty after clumsy transport (jumping up and down inside my bag). 

Mini cupcakes look like cartoon mushrooms near the grass.

I used the vanilla cupcake recipe from Joy of Baking. But then suddenly I thought of making them into mocha. So I took half of the batter and placed 5 tsp instant coffee and 3 tsp cocoa powder and an additional sugar to taste. I also made my sister’s classic brownies…but I couldn’t place them nicely on the skewer so…into my mouth they went. Haha.

I’ll try to be more creative the next time I put a cupcake on a stick.

Okiedokie, that’s it for now. See ya!

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