Hi there! It’s another F.O.U.R. post. Four Others Under the Rainbow. This week’s F.O.U.R. cover is a little bit fancy. I don’t know why, I just made it that way. Oh well. I like how it’s a bit dreamy and mostly girly.

UN (French counting time! First off, it’s a nice, old building. It’s the Smith & Caughey’s at Auckland CBD. So beautiful. I love the details and that fire escape is very movie appropriate. Photo cred to my sis)

DEUX (Like a kid. My comfy Chucks on the table. I love the polka dots and the broderie-esque details. And my pink laces. The logo is even gold.With these on I’ve got a fun day ahead.)

TROIS (New paint on an old building at University of Auckland. The colours are so cute, it looks like a dollhouse or a cake.)

QUATRE (To the great outdoorssort of. My my sister’s pink slippers match the flowers outside.)

Well, that’s all folks! Four random things for this week.

Okiedokie, See ya!



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