Hello there! It’s another F.O.U.R. post! Four Others Under the Rainbow…and they’re brought to you by my love of coffeee. Haha. The photos are not coffee-related actually they’re random (as my FOUR posts are) but I made a cover about coffee so…yeah. Because I LOVE COFFEE! Cannot imagine uni life without coffee. And hopefully when I get a job I’ll have more coffee (and sleep) fueled adventures!

Anyways onto F.O.U.R.!

EINS (woo counting in German! Old theater in front of the Central City Library here in Auckland. I wonder what it looked like in its heyday)

ZWEI (Painted ballerinas on a door at Britomart Place. I love seeing random beautiful things when out and about.)

DREI (Inside looking out. When you lie on the carpet and take a photo of the outside through the curtains this is what you might get. Haha. )

VIER (My sister’s ukulele at Albert Park. My sister and her friend were jamming and making songs and I was just being an extra person around. One woman audience.)


Oh well. That’s it for now. See ya on the next randomness post or less random food post!


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