Hi there!

It’s another F.O.U.R. post! Four Others Under the Rainbow! The cover photo features a super cute scene from one of my favourite anime, Yumeiro Patissiere! If I was an anime my face would look like that when I see sweets.

ONE (counting back to normal counting, haha. Musicians on Queen Street. There’s a lot of them actually, I chose to post this duo because they have interesting music which I couldn’t really place my finger on.And the lady has a cool space drum which has different sounds when she tap it on different areas.)

TWO (super random photo at night. My wooden model. I haven’t properly used it yet. Which is also a reminder to work on my “art”. I went to a beginners’ drawing class but it was not my thing. I appreciate the importance of what the teacher was saying but it’s so hard to change the way you’ve drawn for years into what’s proper.)

THREE (I know my F.O.U.R. posts are for other things other than food. But I have to include this because it’s colourful and pretty. Last week I had an interview at a cafe. I have no cafe-related skills but my friend told me about this and I just wanted a job no matter how random. I didn’t get the job but the owner gave me these yummy wraps. Can she tell that I was hungry? Haha)

FOUR (lighted steps at night at the museum. Last week, Pin and I went to the Mind Reading Event at Auckland Museum. It was cool and interesting and we got to talk to our fave neuropsychologist, Dr. Addis. She liked the cartoon I made of her! I was waiting for dad at this entrance. I felt scared to be standing there alone but I got distracted by how pretty the creepy darkness is.)


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