Japan Mart Candies

Candy Time!

Japanese candy time! Yay! There’s always extra cheers for candy.

Anyways I’ve always wanted to check out Japan Mart at Newmarket because I know it was going to be awesome. And it was! My five year old self came out to play.

You didn’t need to buy anything to be entertained in there. There was so much candy and weird flavours of anything. I love candies but I don’t think I should break my wallet buying them so it was such a problem choosing what to get.

It was just a fun visual explosion via candy wrappers. “Oh green tea flavoured!” “This has Doraemon in it” “There’s so much Hello Kitty!” “Mochi!!!!”

There were even those ready-to-make Japanese puddings. I was super curious with what it would be like because I only see those stuff in anime and manga. Ugh but I’m trying not to spend too much. What to get?

One, it has to be cute. Two, not too weird and I have to be able to consume it!

Hello Kitty strawberry sticks! It’s like Pocky but obviously a different brand. They were yummy but of course I bought this because of Hello Kitty haha.

It has a cute cartoon strip at the back. Must learn how to read these characters! You kinda get the idea anyways.

Super Sour ball candies! My friend Pin and I both ourselves a bag. Getting super excited about the SUPER sour. At first taste it was like meh…this is sour? Disappointment ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

And then bam! The SUPER was the liquid inside the candy. My jaw clenched so much from the sourness haha. Good label. They were super.

Kawaii desu! Oishii desu!

Okay so that’s me feeling like a wannabe Japanese kindergartener.


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