Hey there!

It’s FOUR post time again. Four Other Under the Rainbow. This week’s cover is full of random flowers all pasted together to look cute and pretty, haha. It’s all about the randomness in here anyways. Speaking of random I started working at a call centre this week, I don’t really enjoy it. I don’t enjoy countless Aussies shutting the phone on me mid-sentence (my American accent has become annoying even to myself). I definitely don’t enjoy bothering people at crazy times. But oh well, all for the sake of money and a bit of experience. So to counterbalance unenjoyable things here’s four random things.

ONE (wine with my family name. We don’t own a winery and this label wasn’t specially printed,so this is pretty cool. My uncle in the UK ordered it then gave it to my grandpa in the Philippines. Didn’t get the chance to taste it, bummer. )

TWO (accordion player. Her music was so fun and she was so cheery. I think I was dance-marching towards the parking lot afterwards.)

THREE (if I was a little dog or cat this is how I will see our garden from our living room.Sometimes I feel like shoving myself into that opening just for kicks haha.–my sis took this photo)

FOUR (so I mentioned I drew a cartoon of an awesome neuropsychologist. Here it is. Learn more about her awesomeness here and here!)

Okay so that’s about it. Catcha later!

4 thoughts on “F.O.U.R.

  1. “But grandpa, wine is even more special when shared with your family” would have been my excuse to open that bottle of wine. Great drawing!

    1. Haha good one 🙂 should’ve tried that. But they already finished the bottle for drinking and this last was for saving specially haha. No worries, I shall go to Spain! (or order online haha)

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