Hi there! It’s another F.O.U.R. post! So what Four Others Under the Rainbow do I have for you this week? They’re all still random but they’re all from a recent family day trip to Matakana. It’s a small, quiet town about an hour outside Auckland. We came there to have another birthday celebration for my sister. I hope to come back there when the famous market is on. Oh well enough chit chat on to FOUR!

ONE (Opportunity shop at a church. I quite like the thought that it’s a magical shop where some ingredients of your dreams can be sold. Would you like the opportunity to become a genius’ babysitter? Take a bit of this from that sack over there and one bag of those precious gems near the door. That’ll be 30 bucks.Thank you come again.)

TWO (Statue of forehead-less statues. They look quite mysterious, no? Actually this artistic piece of the landscape is a public bathroom. It’s a pretty public bathroom. Heavy wooden doors and stained glass windows. Quite cute, I just couldn’t lock the door properly. Haha.)

THREE (bottom of a bookcase in The Village Bookshop. It was a super pretty bookshop, awesome displays, bookcases and good space. I really wanted to get the new Stephen King book, but it was 40 bucks and that’s expensive for me hehe.)

FOUR (Coloured tiled steps. It goes like a child’s tale, you have to speed up the coloured steps to get to your parents so you can go home before the rain starts to pour. I think the moldy, rusty sort of fountain by the railings is quite charming too!)

So that’s it for now folks!

See ya!


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