Plume Vineyard Restaurant in Matakana

Hey there!

In my previous F.O.U.R. post I featured random photos from Matakana  and here is the primary reason why we went there. We had lunch at Plume Vineyard Restaurant to have a post-birthday/pre-easter celebration. It’s supposed to be an hour away from Auckland but because it was easter break we got caught up in a little traffic (which is interesting and rare to find outside the city).

So after getting to Plume a bit late for our reservations we settled outdoors and ordered our food! Our surroundings are quite different from the last vineyard restaurant we last went to as we can see mountains in the horizon and lots of trees and we couldn’t see vineyards.

We waited for food with our glasses of rosé while taking photos of ourselves and the views.

yes, my parents are cute.

Sometimes taking a peek inside…

Then our food came! First off…Prawn patio. According to Plume it’s an authentic Parsee dish. Dip dip dip. Nom nom nom.

Here’s my sister’s lunch. Sirloin steak sandwich with garlic mayonnaise, rocket salad, roasted red capsicums, Spanish onions, pommes frites (which is a fun way to say french fries/chips..hehe). I took a bite, it was good!

Mom had Char Sui Pork Belly. It was also yummy specially with rice! Lotsa flavour.

Then dad had Ahi Tuna Sashimi. They look great specially those fresh spring rolls but compared to the three of us, dad’s plate looks like he’s on a diet haha. It wasn’t much so I didn’t try to steal some off his plate. Haha.

Here’s my lunch! Flammenkuchen pizza! With creme fraiche, pancetta and onions! It needs a lot of exclamation points because it’s awesome! Sooo good! I wanted to keep it all to myself but of course I shared a few slices hehe. I’m showing off that I ordered the best thing on the table hehe.

Then here’s dessert. I’m the only one who got dessert (that and the fact I had the biggest dish makes me sound like a pig, I know. But I always share!). Anyways I had a choice of having churros or this. I already knew what churros tasted like (I ate heaps of them in uni) so I went for this dessert, Balsamic & Pepper Summer Berries. Sounds weird so I tried it. It had vanilla panna cotta, Clevedon buffalo yoghurt, coffee air. I liked the panna cotta and if you eat a little bit of everything together they taste interesting. Haha.

So anyway dad and my sis had some coffee hurriedly because the chill was tickling us around.

Eating. The End.

This photo was taken by my sister. It was getting cold so when my sister walked far to get this shot (she meant to take our photo from faraway) my parents and I have already walked inside without looking that my sister wasn’t with us. Whoops! She got pissed but we patched it up with a scream and a laugh. Hehe. Nice photo though.

We're all smiling but I think she still wants to punch me

So that was our little lunch at Plume! Hope you had an awesome easter weekend as well 🙂

Okiedokie that’s all, see ya!


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