Hello there!

It’s time for another F.O.U.R. post! Four Others Under the Rainbow…here we go! This week’s intro seems a bit short, but oh well. Hahah.

ONE (Our neighbour’s fat cat lying on the ground. Don’t worry it’s alright. It’s not sleeping. It’s scratching its back on the ground and feeling really good. You should’ve seen it. So cute wriggling around in the ground if it could talk it might go “Oh yeah…” )

TWO (Theobroma gift certificate I won from the two awesome ladies behind Food Adventures of Tata and Kaka. Woo! So excited to check out Theobroma. Nom nom chocolate here I come. )

THREE (Moss covered statue at Hulme Court in Parnell. Looks interesting. I like to think she comes alive at night haha. I don’t know why. Maybe she gets tired, you know. Then she can sit down on the porch by the old house there. Maybe chat up with another moss covered statue from the other side of the yard “When do you think they’ll mow the lawn? The grass is getting near my ankles, it gets itchy.”.)

FOUR (A blurry photo of a nice lamp at Atico Restaurant. We went there for my mom’s advanced birthday celebrations. There was live mediterranean jazz music. The guitarists were quite cute too. hehe.)

Okiedokie that’s all for now. See ya!


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