Hey there! It’s time for another F.O.U.R. post! This week’s Four Others Under the Rainbow are a little different from the other F.O.U.R. posts because the photos are all quite old and taken from the Philippines (most of the photos were from our trip back home in 2010). Plus my sister took all of them. Anyways, let the randomness begin!

ONE (Hallway at my old high school in the Philippines. There is a bottomless pit of scary stories when you attend an old Catholic school. Scary nuns, wandering souls, ghosts in Barong Tagalogย above the Home Ec place. Don’t forget about the crying, bloody lady at the girls’ bathroom. Spices up school life when you have to stay late for extra-curricular activities, mwahahaha. )

TWO (A concrete bench at the old high school. No, I did not vandalize my name in there. That’s just a funny reminder of me being a young politician at school. Seriously, I ran for student council every year since 6th grade til I graduated high school. That doesn’t even count all the other clubs I joined and became an officer in. Wow what an outgoing kid I was! And to think that when I moved to NZ social interactions were so unnerving for me and I only really became active in a club in my last year of university tsktsk. Hahah. Sad, but don’t worry I’m social now. I’m kind of a pseudo-extrovert. )

THREE (High school yearbook. You know how I was really active? I worked at the school paper and at the end of the year we worked on the yearbook too. I came up with some of the layout including the cover–looks like crap blame me, haha. In defense, they so didn’t use how I wanted it to be, probably due to budget haha. Got this 4 years after my graduation when I went back to the Phils. Still forgot to bring it afterwards. My mom and my sister were not very amused with my description in the yearbook–based on descriptions people gave about you. The gist is that I was the chubbiest cheerleader, a fashion guru and a nice friend. My family thought it was mean-the wording- I’d like to think my batchmates were trying to be funny and being called fat is an endearment, haha.)

FOUR (This the oldest photo in this bunch. The bedroom I shared with my sister at our old house in the Philippines. It’s half pink and half yellow because my sis liked yellow and I like pink. I miss this room sooooo much! We’re very indoors-y and my sis and I grew up cooped in our room, playing with action figures, reading books and contented in our little world. My grandma used to complain about us rarely going out of our room and playing outside like normal children. We were just busy broadening our literary–writing a bunch of “novels” and comics on old notebooks–and artistic interests–making a mess, cutting up stuff trying to recreate “Art Attack”.)

So those are my blasts from the past. Sparked any old memory? I’d love to hear them ๐Ÿ™‚

See ya!

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