Mom’s Birthday Dinner

Last week, my mom celebrated her birthday. Another year of being my awesome mom. But don’t ask her how old she is. Last time someone asked that she had to actually calculate how old she should be. My mom’s not ancient but she’s adjusted her “age” for a long time the numbers go all fuzzy. There’s also the case of me being in my twenties, so she can’t really push her “age” in that zone anymore hehe.

The couple responsible for unleashing me into this planet.The ageless woman and the man who will never go bald.

People rarely guess her age right anyway. She’s adorable like that. Just the other day while we were looking for my graduation dress (never found one, I’ll wear pajamas on the day I guess) I was calling out to my mom from the fitting room wearing the Nth candidate for my grad dress, a lady randomly waiting for her friend went like “She’s your mom?” eyes wide –mouth agape “I thought she was your sister!”

Score for you, mother.

It’s either my mom looks really young or I look very middle aged. I’m gunning for the former, obviously.

So anyways we went out for dinner to celebrate my mom’s unidentifiable age. We went to Atico Cocina. We’ve been here before so I skipped taking photos of the place. It was still a bit exciting because they’ve added lots of new things to their menu and there was some live Mediterranean Jazz music (with some good looking musicians to boot haha).

Food! (the photos are a bit unflattering but they tasted better than they look.)

First off, Cabra al Curry. Braised Premium Spiced Goat Caribbean Curry served  with rice and Platain chips. Goatilicious! (I’m soo corny, I know) I especially like the sort of minty dip for the Platain chips. I would’ve liked more rice but that’s just my glutton talking. Haha

Arroz con Pollo. Palomino Style Quintessential Latin American Chicken and rice dish with Spanish chorizo. Kinda like paella but in a cute little bowl. Haha. Rice happiness.

Empanadas! Love empanadas. I think this one had chicken in them. I almost didn’t get this shot because we were all grabbing for them already.

Calamares a la diabla. Seared Squid, Garlic Chilli roasted pepper sauce, crisp shallots, tomato rice. You bet I stole from my sister’s plate.

Lomo Apanado. Chargrilled Prime Angus Beef marinated with fresh ground coffee and pepper, served with Spanish onions and spinach and potato, gratin with blue cheese and brandy sauce. The beef was perfectly cooked and that wasn’t the best part. The flavours were having a party in that meat.

For dessert, my sister got Cafe Y Chocolate. I didn’t take a photo of that one because I blogged about that before. Only difference was the serving was smaller and the bread pudding was richer.

Anyways I ordered Dulce de leche which I already blogged about before as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that one. They should’ve at least told me that they ran out or something because when they brought the desserts the waitress still announced it was a dulce de leche.

Blah blah. I kept on going “I swear this isn’t what I ordered” while eventually finishing my plate haha. It was yummy so I didn’t mind.

Anyways, turns out they gave me Delicia Cubana (found out when we paid–it was also a dollar cheaper haha). It’s a coconut latin flan served with guava sauce.

So that was dinner. Okiedokie, that’s all. See ya!

end with an apple martini. what? my mom got older? I don't remember.

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