Hey there! Here’s a super late F.O.U.R. post. Dang I don’t have a lot of news to share really just that I’m graduating this Wednesday! Weeee! Yeah man! I’ve got a new dress and new shoes and I’m going to pick up my regalia tomorrow. It’s becoming real! I know this won’t be my last graduation but I’m graduating from undergrad officially haha. Oh well, tell you how it goes when it happens. For now here are four others under the rainbow 😀 Aw and BTW all of the photos are from our recent trip to Wrights Watergardens (might put up a full post about that)

ONE (Pretty, weathered bench. Love the coloured stones and tiles. Didn’t sit on it though, too busy walking around and exploring that awesome place. I don’t even remember where I saw this. I just went snap, snap then hop to the next thing on the map.)

TWO (Nudist statue. This was crack up haha. So cool just eternally lounging and not a care in the world. She was placed near the cliff that overlooks so many lily ponds and with a view of the waterfall. If I was a statue that would really be a place I’d hang out.)

THREE (Our family friend’s dog, Chanel. Yeah I know her name’s so classy. I think her breed is papillon, you can correct me in the comments hehe. Anyways she’s so cute! And incredibly hyper. Man, I love love love dogs.)

FOUR (Wind vane. Just found it cute. Oh where the wind blows.)

Okiedokie that’s all folks!

See ya!


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