F.O.U.R. +++

Hey there! It’s another F.O.U.R. post! Four Others Under the Rainbow! I sort of think it’s quite funny of me to have such a cheesy intro every time I post but I can’t help it I’m cheesy and corny and kiddie and somehow surprisingly, people are still following my blog haha. So before I begin the normal F.O.U.R. post I’d like to thank every random fellow who follows/reads/laughs at/stumbles on my little blog. I’d like to specially thank The Lu Life for nominating me for a Reader Appreciation Award! Hold on, that’s not the end. I also would like to thank lestwentytwo and Razel at Food Safari for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger award (the thanks for both blogs are super belated but I’m still very thankful hehe). So you see why this is a F.O.U.R. +++ post, there’s so many pluses!

And here are my nominations for the Reader Appreciation Award ๐Ÿ™‚







Okiedokie now that’s sorted out onto F.O.U.R. !

ONE (I have a secret to share. A beautiful artwork made of netting at Auckland Art Gallery. I forgot the artist–boo me. It’s a net and it catches secrets. Maybe your secrets will get caught someday. Then maybe the only way to get your secret back is to find out the name of the net maker so he/she can let it go for you. If you don’t get to the netmaker in time, your secrets will be sold to commercial secret fisheries where people manufacture canned secrets. Canned secrets are a delicacy. Other people eat them up then spit them on the internet. Sounds like a story I can run with, huh?)

TWO (Beautiful wood carvings on an ancient chest at the Victorian art section at the Auckland Art Gallery. Where’s the key? What’s inside? It’s big enough to fit a person inside. It also reminds me of the carvings on our old, enormous, round table in our old house in the Philippines. We only used it for formal dining and it was always a lazy choice for hiding options for Hide and Seek. I miss that table. It hasn’t changed its position in years! Amidst all the years of floods–it’s older than me sooo I don’t know how long. When I went back there it still stood there. Bam.)

THREE (The Most Human Human by Brian Christian. The book I’m currently reading. Haha, obviously. It’s a philosophical book but I like how it’s written. It’s fun and entertaining. A Loebner prize is given every year to the computer program that is judged as the “most human”. The judgment is made between a computer program vs a human confederate, a judge talks to both via chat and based on the conversations the judge will decide who is the human. The writer, who is one of the human confederates, aims to be the most human human. If you wanna try speaking with one of the programs that won the Loebner prize, check out cleverbot.com)

FOUR (I got an easel for my graduation gift! i’m not even a competent artist but yay! I don’t have a canvas yet. So here’s my piece of art for the mean time. Oh yeah.)

That’s it for now, see ya!


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