GAOP: My Graduation Edition

Hi there!

How have you been? I haven’t updated my blog for a few days now but that was just because I was busy graduating, oh yea! I now have a degree and a piece of paper to prove it (it even states at the back that it’s printed on goatskin parchment and will last for 500 years if framed nicely).

So of course I ‘m gonna have a post (or several) with stuff on graduation 😀

I’m including this photo of the staff with their different doctoral regalias. They look so cool and magical with them. I’m expecting spells and wands to come out.

So here’s my graduation outfit (minus my salmon leather patent heels from Zara…pretty but painful so I opted for my cute yellow flats).

Makeup by my awesome sister 🙂 She even made the pretty curls in my hair by pin curling them the night before.

Dress and necklace from Forever New 🙂 Faux fur shawl from a Japanese shop near Queen St. 🙂 Bracelet from my friend, Pin 🙂 Flats from Glassons 🙂

Here’s a closeup of my dress’ fabric- lace crochet, love.

And here’s a closeup of my face, just because.

Accessories closeup!

And the best accessory everrrrrrrr! Well until the next degree haha.

That’s all folks!




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