Pizza at The Conservatory

Who’s up for pizza?

Who’s up for a view of the sea?

Who’s up for a relaxing hammock?

I am! Yay! Here we go!

Nice, sunny harbour view. So relaxing and the chill makes me want to fall asleep. While most of the world is screaming Summer! we’re starting to gather our knits and paparazzi-ng the sun while it’s still giving a bit of warmth. Oh, autumn.

So here we are. The Conservatory. What to gobble?

I like the atmosphere in there. Relaxing. You can dine in high tables and stools or on coffee tables and lounge chairs. But my favourite would be the hammock chairs. Like a three year old I bolted towards them before we even thought of what to order, and then there was some childish swinging involved. Then I saw the sign…oops. Haha.

me trying to sit still from now on.

They had some beers while waiting.

Pizza time! Because the sea in front of us was so pretty we ended up getting their seafood pizza Coral Reef. Enormous.

Prawns, Scallops, White Fish, Smoked Salmon, Mussels, Onions, Capers, Wasabi Bรฉchamel, Seaweed Strips. Looking good, huh? Tasted wonderful too.

The toppings tasted so fresh and the crust was crispyyy.

That was some good pizza, I think even my regalia wanted to eat some too. BTW this was lunch during my graduation day, my ceremony was at 4:30 so there’s a long wait since I came to uni early for the graduation procession which was at 9:30. Anyways my lazy bum was so relaxed I fell asleep in their hammocks. I woke up to my parents laughing and trying to video me asleep.

cheeky parents are cheeky.

So that was that. Another place to enjoy the wharf area and have some good food.

See ya!


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