Coffee With Friends at Albert Park Cafe

Coffee.Coffee. Sweets. Sweets. Friends. Friends.

I kinda miss being an undergraduate student again. I just like uni so much. Plus, I don’t get to spend so much time with friends nowadays. It’s not like when we were in first year and we always had common classes together. Nudging each other not to fall asleep during lectures. Suddenly, we’re doing different majors then I’m not in uni anymore. Haha I’m such a baby. Anyways I always jump at the chance to catch up . Catching up over coffee, of course.ย 

I haven’t gone to this cafe before but I’ve always been to Albert Park. It’s just across campus and an awesome place to rest my eyes from my laptop screen. Lots of students eat lunch in that park too, one of the reasons why the birds have adapted to become so aggressive towards packed lunches. I was eating a sandwich there one time and just as I started eating birds started flocking nearby and a seagull stared menacingly. Big bully hovered near my bench and seemed to say, gimme your lunch or else.

This cafe is quite far from the bird zone. Phew.

I like this little corner.

Darls waiting with a newspaper

The best thing about going to a cafe after lunch hours is there’s not much competition. So you get to sitting down and chatting and eating in no time. On to food!

Basic cafe stuff. Yummy basic cafe stuff.

we always get giddy when coffee arrives, look at Pin ๐Ÿ˜›

Cappuccino and mocha. My caffeine intake used to be associated with stress and staying up late to cram and staying awake during lectures..then my skin breaking out for not getting sleep. Then I stress out even more and drink more coffee until my hands shake. Then I can’t concentrate, which so defeats the purpose of drinking coffee in the first place. Poof! It’s better these days, while I still need a cuppa to be more alert during the morning and night shifts at work it’s more associated with relaxation and content. Oh, coffee. My ups and downs with you. Literally. ย – Pin and Darls would agree.

Sweets. In uni they were stress relievers and positive reinforcement for work accomplished. These days..I just can’t help myself (I need to start studying again for an excuse haha.). Hazelnut and chocolate slice. Crunchy, chewy and tastes like something I want to try at home. Hehe.

Bread and butter pudding with apples and whipped cream. I really have to make myself one of these. Then maybe have my friends over.

So that was coffee. We also went to the Auckland Art Gallery that day maybe I’ll share some more pics next time.

I only graduated last week and I’ve gotten nostalgic over uni haha. What do you usually do when you catch up with friends? ๐Ÿ˜€

me and Pin’s camera bag. I’m trigger happy with a camera, any camera.

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