Random Eats

As you may have noticed by now I eat a lot. I also take a lot of food photos. If you opened my laptop there might be more photos of food than of people. Hehe. Oops.

If I had an iPhone I’d probably be one of those people who post nothing but food on instagram. I do have instagram it’s just a bit troublesome to use my iPad. I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of using that as a camera. So anyways this post is just a collection of random foods. That’s it. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

Random desserts from Fortuna Buffet Restaurant at Skycity. Kiwi tart, a sort of custard cake, panna cotta and chocolate mousse. I wish I could eat more desserts when it’s a buffet. Oh well, a girl’s got a limit too.

Halo-halo and banana split at Three Kings Filipino and International Restaurant. Yummmm! It’s not summer anymore though…haha who cares. The cold never stopped me from eating cold desserts anyways.

I wanna make Halo-halo at home. BTW if you don’t know what it is (halo means mix in Tagalog) it’s a Filipino dessert with shaved ice and evaporated milk with various sweet beans and fruits. It’s topped with leche flan and somewhere not in the photo there’s purple yam (ube) too.

More food! This one’s from when our family friends came over for lunch. Shrimps and honey mustard.

Hainanese chicken. Dun dun. It was the first time I had it. There’s a process with how you eat it, take the chicken put some garlic relish (that’s what I think it was), pour some soy sauce kind of sauce maybe add some chilli, sprinkle with green onions then wolf it down with super yummy fried rice. Thanks tita Velia!

This one, my mom cooked. Soooo goood ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s beef chow fun or stir fry noodles with beef. I love the flat rice noodles. Man, I need to learn how to cook not just bake haha. Yum yum yum. Hooray for Asian food!

Okay so that was some random stuff I ate. Haha. A different kind of post mostly because I haven’t baked anything in a while. Ooops. Haha.

Okiedokie that’s it for now. See ya!

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