Happy Mothers Day! Obviously this FOUR (Four Others Under the Rainbow) post will be mother related! Yay! Hi mom! I’d like to thank my mom for being my mom. You are awesome. Thank you for not throwing me out when my room looks like its been hit by a tornado. Thank you for letting me bake and bake even when it means I will mess up the kitchen. Thank you for my 21 years of life. Thank you for shopping awesome stuff for me even when your credit card is wheezing. Thank you for being my blog’s fan. Thank you for being a fun, loving, loud and amazing mom ๐Ÿ˜€

ONE (Bam! This is my mom. Hi mom! )

TWO (This is also my mom. I had to put in this photo not only because my mom is adorable but because she’s wearing that faux fur shawl. The thing is I bought it for her on monday for mother’s day, y’know surprise gift sort of. Then last friday she goes home and brags about something she bought. She the exact same thing and I complained, I already got it for you blah blah. Haha oh well. So she returned the one she bought. Haha.)

THREE (This one’s old. I’m the one at the far left with the headband. The other cuties are my cousins and my sister at the far right. We’re with our lolo and lola/grandpa and grandma. My lola Rita is my dad’s mom.I only have a few memories of her but it’s mostly about leche flans and sampaguitas. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

FOUR (This photo’s a double whammy. That’s my twenty something mom in the middle. I know..she was way hotter in her twenties than I am now haha. The woman on the far left is my lola Yolly, mom’s mom. And the one in the white shirt is my aunt Elaine. They’re all moms. Lola Yolly, she scary and entertaining. She always cleaned up after me when I was younger, sang wonderfully with an awesome vibrato. And gave really long lectures haha.)

So that’s my FOUR post. There would be no FOUR post if my mom didn’t give birth to me and my sister at the 4th of our birthmonths. There would be no FOUR post if my grandmothers didn’t give birth to my parents. So yay for mother’s day!

On a side note, wasn’t I sooo cute? haha.

Okiedokie see ya!

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