Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Hey there!

Today I watched an awesome, inspiring, mouthwatering documentary. Jiro Dreams Of Sushi. Oh sushi, love love love sushi. I had to eat sushi before I went into the theater just to brace myself from the visual deliciousness in this film. This film is so full of wonderful close up shots of fresh sushi- mackerel, fatty tuna, lean tuna, squid and so onnnnnn… It makes me want to teleport to Japan at this very moment. But then I can’t afford their sushi… but someday I wanna know what a $300/seat sushi place would taste like.

Besides the sushi your eyes will feast on there’s a story worth hearing about. Jiro, the world’s greatest sushi chef, persevering and  a perfectionist, his 10 seater sushi-only restaurant placed in a subway station is the first sushi place to ever get a 3 star Michelin review. The story works around his incredible passion and discipline and also his sons’ journey of continuing his legacy.

It’s just so freaking great, man. Check out the trailer.

I aspire to be like this man. Well, sort of…his passion and discipline is so intense he doesn’t like vacations. I wanna be like that but with vacations haha. Plus, I do need to blog. And I have varying interests I can’t fully immerse myself in just one. Haha. Excuses. I should probably be slapped with a whole tuna to get my head straight.

Anyways, I got freebies when I went to the theater. Yay! Freebies!

These wasabi flavoured peas weren’t as hot as I thought it would be. Just a little tickle at the tip of your tongue. I was hesitant at first because the last time I tried wasabi peas I cried. Haha.

And here’s the flyer that made me watch this film. I randomly found it at a secondhand shop.  At first I thought, well this might be good it has that wreath thing and then I saw the trailer. Bam!

Okiedokie , have sushi dreams!

See ya!



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