It’s another Four Others Under the Rainbow post! Yay! They’re all photos taken from the Auckland Art Gallery so I decided to make a sort of pop art collage of my own haha. I can’t think of anything else to say so…moving on.

ONE (Whizz Bang Pop. It’s the entrance to the contemporary part of the gallery. Lots of weird and interesting stuff on there. Most of them make me go what the crap. For me contemporary art goes whizz as you pass, then bang when it catches your eye and pop when you get what it’s supposed to be… which takes quite long for me hah. Aw and I love the lighting on this wall.)

TWO (This isn’t part of the contemporary art area. But this is one of my fave paintings in the gallery. It’s called Golden Cloud by Gretchen Albrecht. It’s based on a watercolour sketch she did on the beach at sunset. I love how it’s just colours but you kinda see a lot of things. It’s wonderful.)

THREE (Bow on my friend’s blouse. I love bows as the photo above would suggest. I also love my friend’s outfit that time. Bows, bows and bows. On blouses, as a hairpiece, a pattern on a garment or simply a ribbon knotted on one’s finger. I love bows. Did I tell you I love bows? They’re pink or peach, polka dot, striped or sequined my girlish desires are fulfilled. Yes I do love bows. )

FOUR (It’s fun to see infinities of your self. This was taken on one of the exhibits. You take your shoes off and go into a box where the ceiling and floor are mirrors and the walls are striped. It’s trippy. It’s like there are storeys above and beneath you. So fun. All that’s missing are echoes. So you and your infinite selves could go hello hello hello…)

So that’s all for now. The art gallery was fun. I should go there more often. If you haven’t been there. Check it out or check out your local art galleries.

See ya!


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