Hi there!

My family and I went to Wildfire Churrascaria. Awesome name. They should’ve called it meat heaven, though. You’ll be so stuffed with different kinds of meat that at the end of the meal you’d have eaten enough for the rest of the week. Haha. Brazilian BBQ.Mmm.ย 

Eating here is like eating a buffet for super lazy people. In buffets you have to get up and queue to get to mountains of food. There’s a breathing period in between your gazillionth helping. Here, you sit and food goes to your plate. Bam! See the red/green candle looking thing on our table? You flip it to green and all the mains come to you, non-stop. Beef? Yes, please. Lamb? Okay. Pork? There’s more. Veggies. Polenta. and on and on and on. The only thing that kept coming back to us that we didn’t want any was the pineapple.

I don’t have a lot of photos of the mains. I was too busy eating. The food just kept on coming I couldn’t snap photos. Too bad because the waiters and waitresses looked like celebrities. There was one guy who reminded us of Jason Statham in Transporter and it was a little scary because we half expected him to whip out some martial arts with his big knife and enormous meat skewer. Intense.

I still have photos of entrees so yay! Mushrooms, stuffed peppers, tuna, salami and stuffed eggplant slices. I love the eggplants and stuffed peppers ๐Ÿ™‚

Bread with tomato sauce and something relish haha I don’t know but it’s yummy anyways. I should’ve taken notes while the waitress was explaining all the foods with her awesome accent.

Bean salad and lemony wedges. Couldn’t even finish them when all the meat started landing.

This was the only one I got a good picture of, pork roast. Because the waiter had to take his time. Lovely, crunchy pork roast.

Pork roast paparazzi alert.

Meat headquarters. It’s funny when the waiters congregate to get the meats all at the same time and then disperse around the restaurant.

This would’ve been a better photo if I was taller. Rows and rows of BBQ.

This fireplace was near the bar. Looked really great. Wild fayaaahhhh.

That was another fun food experience. If you love meat you should definitely try something like this. Be prepared and pack an extra stomach if you can.

Okiedokie. See ya!


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