Hey there! It’s time for another Four Others Under the Rainbow. Yay!

ONE (The Central City Library held a book sale! Yay! I couldn’t control myself and had to grab several books. I love the library and I love a good steal. My to-read list is going to be beefed up. I got myself some children’s books as well, for inspiration. I suppose I’m on the input phase, as my sister would call it. The output phase will hopefully come up soon! I know I’ve got a lot to read but if you have awesome recommendations, I’d appreciate it. Aw and check me out at Goodreads hehe)

TWO (Wish I can ride on a sailboat. I was trying to take a nice photo of the sailboat when I realised my lens don’t zoom that much, damn. Haha. I wonder if I’ll get seasick. Probably not. Last time I rode a ferry, in the Philippines, it felt alright but the feeling might be way different in a sailboat.)

THREE (A photo of a photo. Inception! Just found it funny to take it. Also it’s a camera taking a photo of a camera taking a photo of a camera ring. )

FOUR (My painting. I’m not really an artist artist but when you get the urge to paint you just have to paint. I read in the book The Most Human Human by Brian Christian that the humanity in art is not in the outcome (computers can make pretty art given the right programming) nor in the process of art but in the impulse. A computer programmed to make art will make art because it was made to do it. But a person has the wanting, the impulse to wriggle a paintbrush and squirt a bit of paint around. I started not knowing what to paint. I knew I just wanted to. It turned out to be my interpretation of the Id, ego and superego. What’s your interpretation, what do you see?  )

That’s it for now. See ya guys!

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