GAOP: Bubblegum Primadonna

Gasp! An Outfit Post! I know. I’m polluting WordPress with my vanity again. On the plus side, they’re crisper images. Thanks to our new DSLR. That’s the first time I mentioned my new camera in this blog. Probably because I was hoping the images would just speak for themselves. But oh well DSLRs don’t come with photography skills. I’ll get better, fingers crossed.

Thanks to my sis for taking my photos!

My face, bam! And a random daisy

And just to mix it up, let’s throw in a black and white photo from the viaduct. It’s supposed to be dramatic. But didn’t turn out like that. I cannot act. Haha.

So that was my outfit. It’s Bubblegum Primadonna because my sister and I were listening to Marina and the Diamonds. We really like the song Primadonna but it didn’t fit my girly kid outfit. And then there was another song called Bubblegum B*tch which is cute but–so hence the title. You should check out the songs, they’ll make you dance your socks off.

>Glassons dress, Dotti cardigan, Headband from a stall in uni’s thursday market, shoes from a Japanese shop, Bracelet from my sister, Pearl earrings and ring from mom.

That’s all for now, see ya!


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