Hey there! It’s time for another FOUR post. Four Others Under the Rainbow! If you’re new to my blog it’s just a weekly post of whatever random non food bloggy thing I’d like to share. Every week’s “cover art” is different –by cover art I mean it’s just a random artsy collage, sometimes it’s themed. This week it’s sort of themed all the random photos is from a fundraising event I attended last week. It’s by an organization called Shaktiย (empowerment), it’s a support group for ethnic women here in New Zealand who experience Domestic Violence. They work to promote gender equity and bring about social change.

Okay here we go.

ONEย (The logo for the main event Queen. Every woman is a queen and should be treated with respect as such. )

TWO (The opening performance. Traditional Korean dance. I love seeing cultural costumes, everything is colourful and intricate. I also love their slow movements and the swish of the ends of their sleeves. So calming.)

THREE (“The Bride’s Blush” A 20 minute play written and directed by my sister as part of the Prayas youth theatre group. A woman in a violent relationship finds the freedom to live her own life. Here she is with her “shadow”–it’s quite a heavy short play. I’m so proud of my sister for being part of it ๐Ÿ™‚ )

FOUR (The main play, Queen. And here is none other than the queen herself. Ohmigash their costumes are fantastic. Look at her accessories. The play had a lot of dance and the actors are full incredible gestures and expressions. Indian costumes are so lavish looking. It’s also really nice that they wear their traditional garments to special occasions like these. When we attended this event lots of people in the audience were in saris and everything. Imagine if Filipinas wore their baro’t saya to most occasions. That’d be interesting.)

It was really awesome supporting this event not only for my sister but also for Shakti and the women they help. Hear women speak.

Okiedokie. That’s it for now. See ya.

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